I am a mother of two kids.  Parenthood is central to who I am and what I do.

I believe Hypnobirthing has a powerful and positive impact on the parents I teach and their babies. I also have first hand experience of the difference it makes.

A positive and empowered labour can have a hugely beneficial knock-on effect on the transition to parenthood.

But too many women around the world do not get the chance to have a safe birth, let alone a positive experience.

There is a huge need for advancements in maternal health in developing countries. 40 million women give birth in unclean birth conditions, and without the help of a skilled birth attendant.


The ripple effect!

I want the hypnobirthing I teach to benefit more people than me and my clients. So I donate 10% of course profits to charities helping provide safe births around the world.

With clean birth conditions and skilled birth attendants, nearly half a million lives worldwide can be saved each year.

Currently, my chosen charitiy is Women and Children First 


You can read my blog post all about why I’ve chosen this charity. AND you can watch this short video which explains what they do beautifully.


So far, The Hypnobirthing Place has donated



£3,672.39 to Women and Children First

£1,450.61 to Maternity Worldwide 


As well as donating to charities abroad, I run voluntary Hypnobirthing sessions for a local community initiative called MumSpace. This is part of their 'Parent University', supporting pregnant women in Camberwell. 

Feedback from Mumspace: "The sessions were fantastic. Your style was friendly and informal and made women feel comfortable to share their own thoughts and experiences. The sessions have given women who would not usually be exposed to hypnobirthing because of lack of financial resources or language barriers the chance to consider using it as a tool to give them the best birth experience".

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