Private Hypnobirthing Place Course

Private Hypnobirthing Place Course


Private Hypnobirthing courses take approx 6 hours and are taught in your home at a time and date that works best for you.

This is best if:

  • You have come to hypnobirthing late and would like an intensive course before the birth of your baby
  • If you have special circumstances you'd like to cover in depth as part of the course
  • You and your partner would welcome a private setting

Feedback from previous private clients:

"You helped me believe in myself, something I wasn't sure was possible when it came to birth. I felt completely supported by you. The NLP exercise you did with me made me think completely differently about how resourceful I can be. Thank you for your kindness, for your help when I had a wobble and for making my partner feel so involved. I think your down to earth approach helped enormously on that front!"

"For me as a psychotherapist, the tools are only as good as the practitioner using them and our experience of working with you was fantastic. To be honest, my wife has been less open in the past to this kind of work then I am and she has been raving about working with you, so if you can effect her then you clearly have a special touch!"

Before you purchase the course, please get in touch with me so we can book in the date and time.

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The course includes:

  • The brilliant bestselling Hypnobirthing book by Katherine Graves
  • The Colour and Calmness Hypnobirthing CD (or mp3) along with bespoke Hypnobirthing Place MP3s, which you will use to enter into a state of deep relaxation before and during labour. 
  • A folder of course handouts to guide your practice at home.
  • A post birth survival guide for after your baby is born.
  • During and after the course I will be available to you by phone or email to support you, answer any questions and to chat through any concerns.