Private Post birth wellbeing session

Private Post birth wellbeing session


A one hour session dedicated to you, after the birth of your baby.

The session will be designed around your needs. The aim is to build your confidence, self-care and resilience.

Having run Mothers Wellness evenings (and learning from my own experiences of motherhood) I believe mothers all deserve some time and space to focus on their own wellbeing.  

On the request of previous Hypnobirthing Place mums, these private sessions have been created to support you in making a happy transition to parenthood.

As an advanced NLP practitioner, I have tools and techniques to help you shift unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns. drawing on years of coaching experience to help you feel more energised, empowered and kinder to yourself.

Each session is tailored to you and can include the following

  • Enjoy specially designed relaxations

  • Tune into your instincts as a mother, knowing what is best for yourself and your baby

  • Discover your inner resources and how to access them at challenging times

  • Bring in compassion and kindness to yourself - leave guilt and judgement behind

  • Look broadly at all the different aspects of your life and identify where you think changes might benefit you and your family

The truth is that when we take care of ourselves, we are in a much better position to take care of others. We are worth spending the time on and we deserve some TLC, especially when we’re looking after little people who need so much from us.

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I do 1 hour weekday sessions. These can be by phone or face to face in your home if you live locally.