Here's a video about The Hypnobirthing Place, from some of the lovely couples I've taught. 

“I fully recommend The Hypnobirthing Place. Zoe is a talented, sensitive teacher and her passion for her work is obvious as soon as you meet her.

Her sessions are full of extremely useful, practical advice that can be applied throughout pregnancy and birth.

Zoe's approach is full of warmth and kindness and she has great skill in helping you tune into your own instincts and confidence.

You leave sessions feeling nurtured and empowered. I wouldn't hesitate to book a course with her.” (Victoria, 2nd time mum)

Below is a collection of positive birth stories, testimonials and how hypnobirthing helps even when things don't go to plan...

Jess's smooth birth

"We were the talk of the midwife station - the couple who walked in fully dilated, had no pain relief and gave birth to a baby in her waters!"


LU's first pregnancy

"I have learnt a way to dispel my fears, believe in myself and my body and above all, to honestly look forward to the birth of my baby. I'd highly recommend the course"

Susannah, Tom and baby Jasmine

susanna's birth

Susannah's wonderful email to me, which she entitled 'Jasmine's birth story - how Hypnobirthing got me through'. 

Positive birth story from Mother Ellie

ELLIE's calm first birth

"It's really incredible how a different mindset can affect the big event. The midwives said it was one of the quickest, calmest births they'd seen."


dad-to-be ben

"This is a whole world of knowledge and advice. The more we learned, the safer we felt. We did NCT and there was nowhere near as much useful information there."

birth centre water birth

Tallie's water birth

"Having a water birth was the most fantastic experience ever. It allowed me to focus deeply on my breathing.. this relieved me of pain and gave me something to focus on."

Inspirational story about giving birth to a big baby

Lizzie's 'big' baby

A positive birth story about giving birth naturally to a 10lb 2oz big baby. "The hypnobirthing made me believe and trust in my body... So so amazing".

Dad's perspective on Hypnobirthing

a therapist’s view

"As a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist... I can appreciate that Zoe is highly skilled and uses her work in amazingly subtle and powerful ways."

Happy baby!

Kate's twist in the tale

"Your course really opened our eyes and made us approach the pregnancy and birth in a completely different way. It was with me throughout the birth"

positive birth story about being induced

JADE's positive induction

"Despite being induced, all was as good as it possibly could have been and I firmly believe that was because of all the work we did with you."

Daisy beautiful VBAC baby

jemma's positive vbac

"Hypnobirthing really is a lot more logical and practical than the name suggests, and practicing the affirmations and relaxations is immensely powerful."

sweet sam after being induced

tansy's smooth induction

"Each minute was magical despite the highly medicalised start + environment. Thank you Zoe. Without the calm you instilled, I'm sure it would have gone a very different way." 

First baby Sonny

Simone's wonderful birth

"Zoe, thanks so much for everything you taught Ben and I on the Hypnobirthing Place course. I think it has changed our lives."

Positive Hypnobirth story

PHILIPPA's first birth

"The breathing and understanding the importance of calmness really helped both me and Tatsuo during the labour. Thank you!"

Positive testimonial from anxious mum

FRAN's third baby

"I'm expecting my third baby and I have been absolutely astounded by the impact that the course has had on my husband and I."

Inspiring and positive home birth story

The clarkes home birth

"We ended up having a completely natural home water birth. It was not Plan A... but I was in such a zone that I couldn't fathom leaving the house!"

Mothers perspective on Hypnobirthing

LAURA - free from worry

"We'd been trying for a long time to get pregnant so when it finally happened for us I was anxious to say the least. Zoe managed to put all my fears behind us."

positive testimonial about letting go of worries about birth

LAURA's 2nd pregnancy

"Thank you so much Zoe for turning me from a negative birth-thinker to a positive one. You are a brilliant teacher!"

newborn baby Jerry.jpg

LAURA's 1st baby

“Hypnobirthing made me feel in control of the process and not scared of my body, labour and birth.”

Positive birth story about due date

CARYl’s birth centre birth

"I used the hypnobirthing breathing and visualization that I’d been practicing to breathe out tension (and my baby!) during surges… truly amazing"

Happy home birth story

BETH's home birth

"We had a lovely home birth. As a previous hypnobirthing sceptic I would wholeheartedly recommend Zoe as a teacher"


shoko’s induction

"I used to think that people who had a smooth labour were just being lucky. But I am proof myself that it is not the case.”

positive first birth experience.

SIAN's first waterbaby

"All the midwives said they would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone and that they could definitely tell the difference... A memory to treasure."

Artem newborn baby.jpg

Francesca’s first birth

“I wasn’t thrown... I was mentally prepared to change my preferred birth plan if need be. My focus was on remaining calm and centred”

unplanned caesarean baby

emma’s unplanned caesarean

"Hypnobirthing played a huge part, preparing me calmly in the run up and helping me to manage a stressful situation at the end.”

Positive VBAC birth story

morgan's VBAC

"After a failed induction with my first baby... I was determined to try and have more say in what happened with my second. I had the most wonderful birth".

Marie and Arlo

Marie’s nearly home birth!

“Throughout everything, even at home when I thought we were going to have to deliver a baby in our hallway, I never felt afraid”