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hypnobirthing for pregnancy, birth & parenthood

Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!  If you want to prepare for a calm, confident, positive birth and learn skills that last a lifetime, this is the place for you.

You’ll discover Hypnobirthing techniques, and so much more on this course.

Antenatal classes all about spreading the good

The Hypnobirthing Place is run by me, Zoe. I'm dedicated to helping you have an enjoyable pregnancy, empowering birth experience and smooth transition to life with a newborn.

Whether you're feeling excited about birth, a bit anxious or you're totally dreading it, I'll help you feel more relaxed and prepared.

So you can approach your birth in a calm, positive manner, feeling ready to put your hypnobirthing tools into action.

But this course isn't just about preparing for birth. It's an approach that can transform your experience of pregnancy and parenthood too.

Cultivating self belief with kindness & compassion

Do you ever feel like you're rushing around, trying to do too much?

Feeling worried, stressed, tired, but not sleeping that well? 

The good news is, I believe pregnancy is your window of opportunity to feel better.

To treat yourself with more love, kindness and compassion.

To slow down, find balance and sleep well.

To feel good.

This is the foundation of my approach.

Benefits for you, your birth partner & your baby

The Hypnobirthing Place course combines education, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis & deep relaxation to help you let go of fears around childbirth and to have a calm and more comfortable birth. 

Confidence is key

After the course, you'll be tuned into your innate resources, knowing what to expect, free from fear and limiting self beliefs.

Your birth partner will know exactly what they can do to support you best. With practical tools for a more smooth and comfortable labour, you'll find yourself feeling confident and looking forward to the birth of your wonderful baby! 

your baby, your birth

Everyone's unique. This is about helping you do things your way.

Central to my approach, is helping women let go of pressure to do birth a certain way, which can lead to feelings of failure if things don’t go to plan.

I want women to feel PROUD of themselves, however birth goes.

In fact, I’ve designed a relaxation specifically for helping women bring kindness, compassion and flexibility into their pregnancy and birth – which is good for motherhood too!

I have no agenda about where you give birth or how you choose to do so. This includes the use of pain relief. As long as you make choices that feel right for you, that’s all that matters to me.

You and your partner will learn breathing and self-hypnosis techniques that will work wherever you choose to give birth.

I'll ensure you have the tools to stay confident, focused and adaptable. You’ll be able to make informed decisions, even if things don't go to plan. 


So far, that's a whopping £5,123.00! Book a course, and you will directly contribute to these life changing causes.

Experienced Hypnobirthing Teacher


Hi, I'm Zoe. I founded The Hypnobirthing Place because I believe parenthood is easier when it begins with a positive birth. 

I care very much about every couple I teach.

Experience and expertise

The Hypnobirthing Place course is unique, developed out of years of training and practice, combining hypnobirthing, NeuroLinguistic Programming and mindfulness.

I've taught over 200 mums and dads-to-be how to have a positive birth in the last 5 years.

As an expert in behaviour change, I don't just give you the tools, I teach you how to put them into practice in your daily life, implement them easily in labour and most importantly, make them work for YOU!

I live in Nunhead with my husband James, our son Joseph and daughter Iris. I've had two very different experiences of birth. Joe was born by emergency cesarean before I discovered hypnobirthing. Iris was born at home with the help of hypnobirthing. So I know first-hand what a brilliant impact it can have AND I don't come to birth blinkered. You can read my honest birth story for Iris here.

I'm a certified Katherine Graves hypnobirthing teacher, Advanced NLP practitioner and professional member of the Hypnobirthing Association. I've trained as a doula with pioneering obstetrician Dr Michel Odent and I bring 15 years of experience running groups.

I teach because I want to make a positive difference to women at this crucial time in their lives. And because I love it.

Calm happy baby


"Zoe is warm, caring and utterly committed to supporting women in their transition to parenthood... a lovely hypnobirthing teacher".

Katherine Graves, KG Hypnobirthing Centre

"I have learnt a way to dispel my fears, believe in myself and my body and above all, to honestly look forward to the birth of my baby."

Lucie, mum-to-be

"I feel incredibly grateful to have had such a smooth, calm birth. Our baby's so lovely, really calm and content and I’m recovering really well. So thank you so much, you and what you do are completely wonderful."

Jess, first-time mum

"My second labour was amazing! Completely different to last time in so many ways... thank you so much for being such a great, patient teacher and getting me through it!"

Bee, second-time mum

"Your hypnobirthing course made for the most magical and perfect (first!) birth experience and we can't thank you enough, Zoe. To have had a no intervention, drug free, calm and peaceful birth is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life."

lucy, first-time mum

Hypnobirthing in london

I'd love you to join one of our weekend group courses at Goose Green Clinic in South East London. The clinic space is light and airy, overlooking a green. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon of hypnobirthing!

It's easy to get to, whether you live in Nunhead, Peckham, Dulwich, Queens Road Peckham, New Cross, Brixton, Herne Hill, Denmark Hill, Camberwell or beyond.

Signing up to a Hypnobirthing course

It's worth booking early to secure your place as groups fill up quickly, particularly since most of those I teach go on to recommend the course to friends, as I hope you will too! 

I can also travel in and around London for private hypnobirthing sessions which are completely tailored to you, taught in the comfort of your home. These are booked by appointment. 




10% of course profits GOES to charities supporting safe birth