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Hypnobirthing helps your mind and body work together to create the best possible birth you can have, be it at home, in a birthing centre or at hospital. 

It is a combination of simple things, based on biology, physiology and neuroscience, which make a big difference to your pregnancy and birth. We focus on practical techniques to help you stay calm and confident about your body's ability to give birth easily. When it’s time for your baby to be born, your body will know exactly what to do, producing the two hormones it needs for an efficient, comfortable and natural birth.
Hypnobirthing will enable you to achieve self-hypnosis, combining visualisations and relaxations with simple breathing techniques so that you can reach deep relaxation and ensure a positive focus.
You will be liberated from any conscious or unconscious negative assumptions and beliefs around birth. No more limiting self beliefs, just confidence that you can do this. You will feel calm and in control, looking forward to giving birth.

The evidence

The British Medical Association* reports that, in suitable subjects, ‘self-hypnosis is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth’. The Royal College of Midwives has published papers on how to help facilitate Hypnobirthing, explaining that "hypnobirthing can diminish or completely eliminate the ‘fear-tension-pain’ syndrome".** A review of evidence*** found hypnosis during childbirth decreases the need for pharmacological pain relief in labour, including use of epidural; reduces augmentation of labour and increases spontaneous vaginal birth. NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) states that women who choose to use hypnosis during childbirth should be supported in doing so (2014).

Is it the right fit for you?

At The Hypnobirthing Place, my focus is on helping you achieve the birth you want, whatever that might be.

That means you will feel supported and able to use the tools and techniques for labour, wherever you are choosing to birth, be it at hospital, a birth centre or your home. I have no agenda about how you want to give birth, whether unmedicated, medicated or via a Cesarean. This is your birth and my intention is to support whatever choices you make.

Hypnobirthing is particularly helpful if:

  • The thought of birth makes you feel anxious or scared

  • You like to prepare for things so that you can increase the chance of a positive outcome

  • You want to learn ways to unlock negative thought or behavioural patterns (NLP)

  • You have had a traumatic or difficult previous delivery

  • You have had a previous C-section and would like a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

  • You want to aim for a natural birth, with no unnecessary interventions and few or no painkillers (e.g. epidural)

  • You want to start parenthood with strategies to help you stay calm and instinctive with your baby




  • Enables you to work with your body, which is after all designed to give birth naturally.

  • Inspires you to respect your body and tune into your instincts

  • Empowers you to make informed choices in dealing with midwives and obstetricians

  • Replaces fear and negativity with a calm confidence - you will have all the tools and resources you need for a successful birth

  • Helps you to have a more enjoyable, relaxed pregnancy and birth

  • You'll meet like-minded people to stay in touch with post-birth

FOR birth partner



  • Gives him/her a very important, clear and positive support role to play in the birth of your child

  • Inspires confidence in a natural birth – sceptics welcome!

  • Provides practical tools and techniques to help you relax before and during birth

  • Equips him/her with the necessary knowledge to ask your caregivers the right questions - ensuring that you both get all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby

  • Such an active role in pregnancy and delivery can help them build a closer bond with you and their baby




  • A relaxed and lovely time inside the womb

  • A calm and natural entry into the world is much more likely

  • With no drugs in its system, baby will emerge alert and as nature intended

  • Parents who have worked together as a team, and will continue to do so after baby is born

  • Taken together, these factors will impact positively on your baby’s start in life

References: *BMA, ‘Medical use of hypnotism’, BMJ, 1955, vol. I, 190-193. ** RCM - How to support Midwives, 2014. *** A Cochrane review, Smith et al, 2006.

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