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Ben, first time dad to be, Crystal Palace

As a dad to be I was pretty anxious and worried before the birth. Worried that I would 'freak out' during the birth, and make my wife feel tense and scared. She was pretty concerned about it too I think! We talked openly about this and addressed it in our first session. By the end of the course, I felt much happier and a lot more confident that I knew what to expect.  

I think the main difference hypnobirthing made for us... 

... was that it shifted our perspective on the birth. It changed it from something we were worried and scared about, to something that we were looking forward to. Obviously we still had the same concerns every parent to be has, but it just made us feel better. It was like we had taken some control back. 

The info around the hormones and the types of interventions was extremely useful. We didn't know anything about any of this! A whole world of knowledge and advice. The more we learned, the safer we felt. We participated in the antenatal course with the NCT and there was nowhere near as much useful information there. 

The tools and techniques we used were really interesting. We used them at home after the course (probably didn't practice as much as we should have) and during our time in the hospital. We were there for about 3 days before our daughter made an appearance, so we had lots of time on our hands!

I would say that, from my perspective, you teach the course in the ideal way. Lots of great information, advice, tools and exercises delivered in a laid back, confident friendly manner. We both honestly felt that it was a massive help, and we really enjoyed it. I couldn't recommend the course enough. Just brilliant. 

And during the birth of my daughter Tilly, I am proud to say

I did not freak out!