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Philippa, first time mum to baby Leo, Hackney


The Hypnobirthing course really got my mind ready and clamed down the anxiety.

The breathing and the understanding of the importance of calmness really helped both me and Tatsuo during the labour. He was supportive and calm and helped me focus on breathing and was hands in with massaging and holding me during the surges.

Running up to the birth I listened to the Colour and Calmness cd almost every night. I played it during the labour too - on repeat for 6 hours of phase 2 labour! Even through my labour ended in a ventouse, I only had a bit of gas and air.

I mostly used a lot of focus, deep breathing, positivity about the fact I'd soon to be seeing my beautiful baby for which I can thank the hypnobirthing techniques and yoga I did!

I am filled with so much love for my baby every time I look at him.

Thank you   Xxxxx