what's included in the Hypnobirthing Place course?

Hypnobirthing Techniques and so much more!



Physiological understanding of labour

Role of different hormones in promoting or inhibiting labour

How to help the uterus muscles work effectively and efficiently

How your mind affects your body


Practical relaxation tools and techniques to practice

Two simple and profoundly effective breathing techniques

Self-hypnosis relaxation scripts that programme the subconscious to look forward to giving birth, to tune into your instincts and to remember that your body was designed to give birth naturally


Looking after your body

Pelvic floor exercises that you remember to do

Perineal massage – how to do it and how NOT to do it!

Ways to help with baby’s positioning

Helpful positions during labour


Building confidence in pregnancy and birth

Releasing fears associated with pregnancy and birth so that they don’t get in the way of a smooth labour

Letting go of ‘limiting self beliefs’

How to ask care providers the right questions to ensure you make choices that are right for you and your baby


Birthing Environment

How to create the perfect environment for labour

Practical tips, whether you are at home, in a birthing centre or on a labour ward


preparation for all eventualities

What to do if your baby is breech

Self hypnosis script to help baby turn

Cesarean prep - Relaxations to help you prepare mentally and physically


The power of positivity (and the role of fear)

Ways to build new habits and thought patterns

How to focus on what you want so the midwives can worry about the ‘what ifs’

Embracing uncertainty and going with the flow to cope with whatever comes your way



Letting go of stress around due dates

Avoiding induction and what you can do to go into labour naturally

Strategies for coping well with induction, if needed


After the birth

The ‘golden hour’ after baby is born, what to expect and how to help the placenta come naturally

Guide for life with a newborn



Everyone is different. We are motivated by different things, have different strengths and weaknesses and different ways of approaching things.

I ensure the course content reflects what my couples want to achieve from their pregnancy and birth, which is why we always start with where you want to get to.

Your way is best!

There is no doubt that Hypnobirthing works best when a couple makes it their own.


I draw on my own experiences of birth, one that didn't go to plan and one that did, to help my couples understand that there is no such thing as 'success or failure' when it comes to birth.

All that matters is that my couples feel they have done the best they can for a smooth birth and that they've felt empowered to make informed decisions through their pregnancy and birth.

I want to ensure that they, and you, feel proud of yourself, however birth goes.