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Fran and Dean, third time parents-to-be

"We are expecting our third baby. Our first labour went smoothly, but our daughter was born with quite a lot of problems, which made me very fearful of giving birth again. When our son was  born, I panicked and lost control, which led to a very stressful labour.

When I heard about hypnobirthing, I was initially put off by the fear that my cynical other half would make it a waste of money. However, after speaking to Zoe for an hour by myself, I felt more confident to do it together. I cannot believe how quickly she converted him!

Zoe explained the theory behind hypnobirthing clearly to both of us, listened to our past history, and gave us clear and intelligent ideas about how move forward. She made us feel as though we had all the time in the world to discuss our thoughts and feelings. She then read us the relaxation scripts, taught us the breathing techniques, and used a specific script for fear release.

I have been absolutely astounded about the impact that it has had on both of us. Particularly, the simple change from putting aside negative thoughts and consciously replacing them with positive ones has made a huge difference to us both. We are practising the breathing each night, and listening to the colour and calmness, and are now looking forward to the labour as a potentially empowering and natural experience, instead of something to be feared and dreaded.

Thank you for your help, Zoe!"