Private phone / Skype course availability: Weekday evenings from 8pm.


Private phone class testimonial - from birth partner alex


"I did a hypnobirthing course with my wife over the phone with Zoe and I'd strongly recommend the course, and Zoe in particular, to anyone considering it. As a first-time father, it was really informative about the birth overall as well as really helping me to feel empowered about the positive role I could play - both in preparation for, and during the birth. And Zoe was brilliant - open, knowledgeable and happy to laugh with us when some of the exercises initially drove us to giggles rather than transcendence! 

I approached the experience with a relatively open mind, but it confirmed for me that you don't have to be a certain 'type' of person to get or benefit from hypnobirthing. It's a practical, effective way to give anyone some basic knowledge and techniques that will help improve your experience of childbirth, however and wherever you choose to do so."     (with thanks to Alex)

• You will be taught the full course, from the comfort of your home
• Excellent for any couples or individuals who feel shy about a group class or who want to talk about anything in total privacy
• You will be able to focus on my voice and fully immerse yourselves in the relaxations
• Perfect for couples living further away or with limited funds
• You will associate your home with relaxation and positivity
• The Colour and Calmness Hypnobirthing CD (or mp3) along with bespoke Hypnobirthing Place MP3s, which you will use to enter into a state of deep relaxation before and during labour.
• An email of course handouts to guide your practice at home
• A post birth survival guide for after your baby is born
• During and after the course I will be available to you by phone or email to answer any questions or to chat through any concerns.