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a lovely testimonial from jonathan, first time dad who also happens to be a psychotherapist


I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough, I found her to be warm and friendly, skilful and working with her was a delight. She took the time to talk through what we wanted to achieve and we have kept in contact after the sessions, with her offering further advice and support. This to me shows the care and passion that Zoe has for her work and her clients. 

For both me and my wife, working with Zoe has been one of the most positive experiences along our fertility journey, which at times has been difficult. Zoe was incredibly understanding and supportive to our specific needs, which was one of the reasons we decided to do a private class. 

The tools that Zoe taught us have been really amazing for us as a couple. It has given us a sense of empowerment, helped us release some of our fears and stress that we have accumulated over the years and had brought us even closer. Having practical exercises to work with nightly, really is truly special and we feel ready and prepared for our baby's birth, with a great set of tools and resources at our disposal. 

For me, I can appreciate Zoe even more as I am a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and I teach as well. My experience from this perspective is that the tools are only as good as the person using them, and Zoe is an absolute exemplar of this principle, she is highly skilled and uses her work in amazingly subtle and powerful ways. I can definitely appreciate from my professional perspective how good she is. 

It is with absolute pleasure that I can recommend Zoe to anyone who is pregnant, whatever your journey may have been.