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Laura, second time mum to be, East Dulwich


Laura wrote this to me after the course....


Dear Zoe,

Thank you so much for showing us that birth isn't something to be feared. After the stressful birth of our first child, I had been having lots of negative thoughts and it was fair to say I have been dreading the birth of our second child. But through your hypnobirthing course I have rid myself of these thoughts and now feel ready to have a calm second birth - you have literally changed the way my brain works. Amazing!

The breathing techniques and visualisations you taught us are so simple but so effective at making me feel relaxed. And the meditation music and Colour and Calmness CD make me feel really peaceful when I listen to them at the end of each day.

We didn't know what to expect from hypnobirthing and were unsure how anyone could make us see labour as an empowering thing (especially my husband) but through your positive teachings, I now feel in control and calm and even my husband isn't turning green around the gills every time time I mention birth!

Thank you so much, Zoe for turning me from a negative birth-thinker to a positive one. You are a brilliant teacher!