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The Clarkes, first time parents, East Dulwich

Testimonial (birth story below)

My husband and I completed a course at the beginning of June for our Sept due date and found the course not only informative on a practical level but it also dispelled a lot of our fears about the birth.

Zoe helped shift our mindset and outlook completely, providing us with some great tools to help in labour (and in general times of stress!). We've had a few people comment on it being very 'new age' but hypno birthing is actually very logical when you learn about the natural hormones in the body and coping mechanisms to help the process.

Thanks to Zoe's course not only do I feel more positive about the birth (a massive step as fear was my dominant emotion previously) but my husband feels more confident in his role too, understanding where he can be a support. 

For anyone considering hyno-birthing, I couldn't recommend Zoe's course enough.


A positive first birth at home

Hi Zoe, Just to let you know we welcomed a baby girl, 'N', on Tuesday 13th Sept at 3.21pm weighing in at a healthy 6lbs 10.5ounces :-)

We ended up having a completely natural home water birth which was not Plan A as the intention was to go the midwife led birthing suite at Kings but I was in such a zone that I couldn't even fathom leaving the house! Well, that and the 32 degree heat may have influenced it too!!

Luckily as we had home birthing midwifes and had a pool at home 'just in case' I felt up to it then we were able to do it.

The Hypnobirthing Zone

That 'zone' was completely down to the hypnobirthing, which honestly made for a really wonderful experience. Between my partner using the soothing stroking and the hypnobirthing tracks on repeat, I just found myself in a very determined mindset and very much trusting of what was going on.

Thank you so much for the help, tips and support. We both can't thank you enough as we honestly don't think we would have had the same experience without the hypnobirthing knowledge. It really did give us strength and empowered us to get through it all! I feel very lucky to have had my first birth be such a positive experience and will certainly be sharing with anyone that will listen about just how powerful mind over matter really is!!

Our midwifes were talking about how busy it was last week- it was a full moon and they had 7 births in 5 days!

A message for my Hypnobirthing couples

Good luck for the classes and please let the couples know from my partner and I that they've certainly made the right decision to do hypno birthing and that preparation, it really is key!

Thank you again,

The Clarks xx

A Hypnobirthing Husband

Ps. My partner ('A') said to add that he didn't feel like a spare part during it all unlike the tales of most men. Everything from reading me the meditations at night in the weeks leading up, finishing even when I'd dozed off after 2 minutes, to encouraging me through every surge and the positive reinforcement that I could do it.

It really was a team effort!!