Tallie's water birth in the birth centre - her first birth


    Hi Zoe, 

    Sorry it's taken so long to get this to you, we have been enjoying getting to know Archer Rae far too much! Here's our birth story ....

    I would probably say our birth story started on Friday the 16th of June, I was convinced our baby was going to be making an early arrival that weekend so I was gearing myself up for that. After ambitiously attending a party on the Saturday it dawned on me that she may not come early and that I just needed to let go of that thought and relax!

Sunday came and my husband Tim decided to go skateboarding, after a couple of hours soaking up the sun on what felt like the hottest day ever, Tim came limping back declaring he thought his ankle was broken - not what you need when you are a week away from your due date! Being a total man about the situation he refused to go to the hospital!

The beginning of labour

    That evening I couldn't sleep and realised I hadn't written any sort of birth plan so in the early hours of Monday the 19th of June I stared jotting a few key words down, and started to feel what I thought was trapped gas. At 8am Tim woke up and decided that now was the time to be seen at the hospital so we hobbled the 10min walk- he had an X-ray but couldn't be seen until 6pm that evening so we went home to the boat- at this point I was getting pressure that was making me stop walking so I throught it was best to get to my mums which was closer to the hospital.


Zoning out

    At my mums Tim dimmed the lights and the best thing that made the waves easier was standing in a warm shower. We decided it was time to head to the hospital about 3pm, once we got there I was told I was 3cm dilated and was encouraged to go home and to come back at 8pm- we went home which was the best thing to do as I could relax in the bath. However, by 5pm I knew if I didn't get back to the hospital the baby would be born in my mums bath!

On the way there I focused on zoning out with Tim and my mum being told by me not to speak! Tim took the lead with the midwives and all I had to do was focus on bringing our baby into the world.

Hospital - the birth centre    

    I think the midwife was shocked to see me back so soon but could see the labour had progressed quite quickly, whilst we waited for the birthing pool room my mum nipped out to get tea and ice pops. We got into the room by 6pm and I had a real urge to use the loo, I could feel my waters bulging and worried I was about give birth on the loo! The midwives were struggling to get the birthing pool to the right temperature as it was so hot but just as I had the urge to push they managed to sort it. 

    water birth

    Having a water birth was the most fantastic experience ever, and it allowed me to focus deeply on my breathing, something I truly believed releaved me of pain and gave me something to focus on.

By 734 Archer Rae was with us in the most peaceful way, no crying and very ready to be in the world.

Archer just born, with umbilical cord attached

I felt so empowered to catch my beautiful water baby in such a calm way with no pain relief (I was encouraged not to use gas and air as it was slowing me down!).

embracing the experience

I think embracing everything that was happening to my body and understanding what was going on thanks to Zoe's wonderful teachings allowed me not to fear the most natural thing in the world. By the time Archer had arrived our tea was still warm and ice pops were still frozen!

    When people ask me how my birth was I take such pride in telling them it was wonderful, I still get strange looks and I can tell people do not believe me until my mum backs me up and tells them Archer and I were warriors!

    Tallie and Tim

happy Tallie and Archer born