So many new mums, me included, go through massive bouts of insecurity. Of feeling that we’re not doing a good enough job, feeling guilty or like a failure.

Confidence can take a hit, especially when you’re tired, surrounded by lots of different bits of advice and finding your way.

So, I’ve created this relaxation especially to help mums (like you and me) to let go of self criticism and feelings of not being good enough. These are normal feelings for any mother, but they aren’t helpful for anyone.

This relaxation focuses on building your confidence and shifting towards a more positive mindset, turning your inner critic into an inner champion.

You will feel more connected with yourself and those around you, with more recognition of the love and joy in your life.

Just as in Hypnobirthing, this relaxation will help you let go of worries about parenthood, replacing that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm with some much needed balance and self love.

Feedback from new mum Jess:

"I was in a bit of a fug to be honest. So I’ve been using this to help clear my mind, it’s a bit like a reset button being pressed…I love the visualisations in this one and being at the beach! I’m so glad I can use it whenever I need it now.”

How to use.

You can use this as a regular part of your self care practice, perhaps once a week at first. Or you can choose to use it whenever you feel overwhelmed by worries. Or a bit of both… it’s yours to use as you wish.

The guided meditation will give you an opportunity to pause and write down a list of worries that you can rip up when the track as ended - you can write your list of worries before you do the relaxation if you prefer.

Remember to number small worries with a 1, bigger ones with a 2, and large worries/fears with a 3. Take a moment to look at this list and then place it to one side as you listen to the relaxation.

At the end, you can rip or safely burn your list, knowing that the things it contains are valid worries, but that it’s not helpful to focus your mind and your energy on them.

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