Sleep. So important for our wellbeing, but much harder to come by after you’ve had your baby.

Many mothers find it hard to prioritise their sleep, or find that even if they are tired, it can be hard to fall asleep at the end of the day because they’re almost too wired to nod off easily.

So I’ve created this relaxation, to help bring the sleep benefits of hypnobirthing into motherhood. It’s designed to help you wind down and drift off into a restorative sleep, so that even if you are woken during the night, your body will have had a chance to rest and recuperate.

As well as helping you relax, this meditation is designed along the principles of a gratitude journal; helping you to tune your attention to all that is good in your life.

How to use.

Instead of going straight from scrolling on your phone on the sofa, bring in a night time routine that you know will help you sleep well.

A candle or soft lighting, a nice room spray and this relaxation will up your levels of self care, and give your body and mind the signal that now is the time for rest.

zzzz x

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This guided meditation is approximately 17 minutes long, though you may not ever reach the end of it as you’ll most likely already be asleep!

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