This relaxation is the perfect way to start off your day.

Whether you’ve had a broken night’s sleep or not, listening to this will help you clear your head and settle into a new day, feeling fresh and ready.

Drawing on NLP and Hypnobirthing principles, Rise and Shine is designed to help tune your focus to all that is good, both in you and in the world around you. Like putting on sunglasses for the day, that draw your attention to all the positives it’s easy to miss.

When you purchase this relaxation, you’ll discover the benefits of setting an intention for the day, and in particular how you choose to treat yourself.

The relaxation will help you bring more flexibility into the way you respond to any challenges the day might throw your way, and to practice the simplest of things; giving thanks for that which is already good.

Carving out the time to do this, will help you to feel more resourceful, resilient and centred, and this will grow and grow with practice.

How to use

This Rise and Shine MP3 is especially effective when listened to first thing in the morning, after baby’s first feed of the day or when your baby has his/her first nap of the day.

Remember, you can always listen whilst out and about, as long as you have somewhere comfy to sit.

Please do not listen whilst driving or doing anything that needs your full attention, as you will enter a deep state of relaxation and calm.

Feedback from a new mum:

"I listen to this whilst my partner takes our baby downstairs for 20 minutes. I feel like it helps me set off the day on the right foot. I’ve really noticed a difference, just in a week of doing it. "

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