An MP3 to prepare for birth, however it goes, by cultivating self belief, bringing in adaptability, kindness and compassion.

If you are someone who has high expectations of yourself, a particularly loud inner critic, or anxiety about the unknown or things not going to plan in labour, this relaxation is for you.

Lets sow the seeds for self care now…

Because it is my firm belief that mums-to-be need to be KINDER and more COMPASSIONATE to themselves. Bringing this in during pregnancy does wonders for motherhood.

I created this unique relaxation after years of teaching hypnobirthing, and particularly in response to some of my earliest clients reporting a sense of ‘pressure to do things right.’ One mentioned a ‘sense of failure’ when things didn’t go as expected. I was determined to make sure no woman felt like this again.

The ‘Kindness and compassion in pregnancy’ MP3 will help you to bring a sense of FLOW into your pregnancy. It will help you embrace your ability to stay calm and adapt, however things go. It will remind you to be kinder to yourself. So that you feel more confident, comfortable and relaxed going into labour.

How to use.

You can listen at any time of day - first thing, during your lunch break, at bedtime. It will always leaving you feel calmer and lighter.

I particularly recommend daily use as you reach the end of your pregnancy and if you go over your ‘estimated due date’.

If you buy just one relaxation to prepare you for birth and motherhood, this is the one.

It’s time to put your feet up, sink into a hammock, and relax ….

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