The Ultimate Motherhood Collection

The Ultimate Motherhood Collection


This all-in-one collection of Motherhood Guided Meditations is the perfect toolkit for any mother.

The collection includes:

  • Rise and Shine: Morning Fresh = 16 mins

  • Nourishing Relaxation: Restoring Balance, Love + intuition = 11 mins

  • Detox relaxation: Confidence + Love = 17 mins

  • Sleep relaxation: Night Time = 17 mins

It’s true, motherhood is wonderful and it’s tough. Too many times I hear mums tell me they wish they could find a way to continue their Hypnobirthing practice after baby is born.

So, ta da! This set of guided relaxations for motherhood are for you. I’ve drawn on principles from NLP and Hypnobirthing to create this all-in-one wellbeing set. Whether you’ve done Hypnobirthing or not, this collection will help you give yourself some LOVE, and CONNECT with what is important and right for you.

Helping you cultivate self belief with kindness and compassion.

Whether you want to…

Wake up feeling fresh, resourceful and ready for the day.

Shake off self doubts and build your confidence

Just take a moment to rebalance and tune into your instincts…

or wind down for sleep.

This All-in-one wellbeing set has got you covered.

Dip into a calm pool of balance and peace. Carve out the time and space, amongst the chaos of life as a mum, to replenish, restock and carry on doing the brilliant job you are already doing.

I hope you love them as much as I loved making them for you.

How to use

  • Rise and Shine MP3 is especially effective when listened to first thing in the morning, after baby’s first feed of the day or when your baby has his/her first nap of the day. Remember, you can always listen whilst out and about, as long as you have somewhere comfy to sit.

  • Nourishing MP3 (aka Garden relaxation) is a lovely meditation that can be enjoyed at any time of day, and is particularly nice to help you wind down and rest in the afternoon, excellent if you struggle to nap when your baby does.

  • Detox MP3 can be used as a regular part of your self care practice, perhaps once a week at first. Or you can choose to use it whenever you feel overwhelmed by worries. Or a bit of both… it’s yours to use as you wish.

    The guided meditation will give you an opportunity to pause and write down a list of worries that you can rip up when the track as ended - you can write your list of worries before you do the relaxation if you prefer.

    Remember to number small worries with a 1, bigger ones with a 2, and large worries/fears with a 3. Take a moment to look at this list and then place it to one side as you listen to the relaxation.

    At the end, you can rip or safely burn your list, knowing that the things it contains are valid worries, but that it’s not helpful to focus your mind and your energy on them.

  • Sleep MP3 is for listening to when you go to bed. A candle or soft lighting, a nice room spray and this relaxation will up your levels of self care, and give your body and mind the signal that now is the time for rest.

Please do not listen whilst driving or doing anything that needs your full attention, as you will enter a deep state of relaxation and calm.

Feedback from a new mum:

"My partner bought me this collection as a present when our baby was born. I love knowing it’s there so I can choose what I feel like, when I need it. I’ve managed to do a couple with my baby asleep on me and that’s been blissful. Highly recommended’

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These guided meditations give you over an hour of listening time in total.

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